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Carpet Cleaning Tunbridge Wells

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Carpet Cleaning Tunbridge Wells

AAAClean provide carpet cleaning Tunbridge Wells, TN1 in Kent. We are dedicated to providing our clients with superior cleaning results at an affordable rate making us the trusted professional carpet cleaners in Tunbridge Wells. Whether it is an Indian rug or a fitted home carpet, AAAClean’s carpet cleaners have got the latest equipment and eco-friendly detergents and solutions to deal with the toughest of stains and soiling.

Carpets are a breeding ground for bacteria and mites, so keeping your carpets clean is paramount to avoid early replacement. Our commercial grade, hot water extraction machines hygienically clean your carpets and leave them smelling good & looking revitalised! It is advised by most carpet manufacturers to have your carpets professionally cleaned every twelve months. When you consider how much money you spend on your carpets it makes sense to have experienced carpet cleaners in Tunbridge Wells clean them for you.

All of our local carpet cleaners in TN1 are fully trained, certified and insured to clean carpets, curtains and upholstery in your home or business. We come fully equipped with everything required for the job, all we need is electricity and access to water. We move all of your furniture for you, all we do ask is for you to give the carpets a quick vacuum before we arrive.

To book an appointment with AAAClean’s professional carpet cleaners, you can do so instantly online. Our entire booking process is automated and we provide fixed costs for all of our carpet cleaning services. Visit our booking page and choose the services you require, select a date, fill in your address and we can have a professional carpet cleaner in Tunbridge Wells dispatched to your home within 24 hours from now.

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When you use AAAClean as your local carpet cleaner in Tunbridge Wells, you can guarantee 5 things. An affordable service, qualified technicians, high-tech equipment and solutions, polite and courteous cleaners and most importantly – excellent results. We follow the same process on every job we undertake and it’s one of the reasons we’re so successful in our field:

Pre-spray & Traffic Lane Application – Every job we attend we apply a pre-spray to your carpets. In heavy footfall areas we may use a traffic lane cleaner to help release the soil, oils and grease from the carpet fibres so when we clean your carpets the soiling is much easier to extract. In addition, for heavily soiled carpets we also agitate any pre-spray that overall improves the ability of the treatment that has been applied.

Spot & Stain Removal – 99% of the jobs we visit will have the odd spot or stain that needs to be removed. Stain removal is included in the cost of every job and in most cases, our powerful machines can extract any stubborn stains from your carpet easily. In the unlikely event that the machine can’t extract the stain we come fully equipped with a range of acidic, protein and solvent based spotting solutions that will eradicate all kind of stains such as make-up, tea, coffee, carbonated drinks, blood, vomit, wine, ink, grease, oil or even tar.

Deodorisers & Sanitisers – All of our professional carpet cleaners in Tunbridge Wells carry a range of Prochem deodorisers and sanitisers that are highly effective on carpets that have pungent odours. If a previous homeowner was a smoker or your household pet has had an accident on the carpet we would recommend using a deodoriser treatment alongside our standard carpet cleaning service.

Insecticidal Treatments – Insecticides can be used to eradicate all types of carpet damaging insects that can be living with your carpet fibres. Whether it be carpet beetles, moths, fleas, dust mites or even bed bugs, our insecticidal treatments can safely and effectively kill and remove them from your carpet. Insecticidal treatment is priced differently for each job, so please contact us first before booking an appointment.

Stain Protection Treatments – The application of stain protection treatments help to minimise the damage of spillages before they happen. Carpets that are treated with stain protection will last longer, clean easier on future cleans and ultimately let you remove stains quicker there and then as they happen. We use Fluoroseal® Plus stain protection from Prochem for all stain protection applications. Fluoroseal® Plus is a professional carpet protector that incorporates fluoropolymer and a stain blocking additive that will form an invisible layer over your carpet and upholstery that prevents staining and soiling.

If you are looking for professional carpet cleaning in Tunbridge Wells, look no further than AAAClean. With over 10 years experience in cleaning carpet and upholstery in the TN1 postal code area, our professional carpet cleaners can restore your carpets to their original condition. Book an appointment online today.

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