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Carpet Cleaning Bexley

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Carpet Cleaning Bexley

AAAClean provide carpet cleaning Bexley to domestic and commercial customers. We believe in only the highest standards of cleaning and our professional carpet cleaners in Bexley deliver a top-notch service on every job. We cover the whole of Bexley and the surrounding areas and provide a high level service at affordable prices.

Our highly trained carpet cleaning operatives are equipped with the latest machines and solutions. We use a hot water extraction system that penetrates the roots of all carpet fibre – eliminating soiling, stains and germs. Our carpet cleaning process is one of the best to clean, sanitise and deodorise carpet, it also lengthens the life span of your carpets too. All of the solutions AAAClean carpet cleaners Bexley use are non-harmful and child/pet friendly.

We have over 10 years experience in the carpet and upholstery cleaning business and all of our operatives come fully equipped in new vehicles and are insured to clean carpets in your home or business. Our client base extends across Kent and the South East and our Bexley carpet cleaners can clean all types of fitted carpets in your home.

If you want AAAClean carpet cleaning Bexley to visit your home or just want a friendly chat with one of our representatives about your cleaning requirements, we are pleased to help. Call us today on 0800 023 5205, submit your details for a free quote or book a local Bexley carpet cleaner online simply the green “Book Now” button to arrange an appointment.

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Are you wondering how our professional carpet cleaners in Bexley keep their carpets so clean? Our methods may vary slightly based on how soiled your home’s carpets are, but our professional processes generally follow the same guidelines for every job we attend. This helps ensure we provide the best and most effective carpet cleaning experience every single time.

Once our trained, professional technicians arrive at your residence, their first step will be to walk with you through your house room by room, gathering your input and sharing their observations. Our technicians will inspect your carpets to ensure they are correctly fitted, as well as to discuss any stained areas that may have you concerned. Our technicians will also inspect for spots that require special stain or odour removal treatment before we clean your carpets.

Next, we carefully move all of your furniture out of the way in order to properly clean your carpets and protect your belongings. They will later return the furniture to where it belongs, placing carpet protectors under each furniture leg. Starting upstairs at the furthest point from the front door, the technicians will work work their way downstairs toward the entrance. They will only need access to electricity and water for the carpet cleaning process. Our technicians will begin by pre-spraying your carpet. Higher traffic areas may require us to gently agitate stains to help loosen dirt and contaminants from your carpets’ fibres.

Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

We use the hot water extraction carpet cleaning process to thoroughly clean your carpets. Hot water is the most common method of carpet cleaning these days because it is the most effective approach for removing both stains and odours. Additionally, hot water extraction (steam cleaning) is the safest method for the environment, pets, and children. It is a much more efficient method than outdated processes such as carpet shampooing, foam encapsulation, or bonnet cleaning. Finally, because it uses less water and only a small amount of detergent, it leaves less moisture in your carpet, abolishing the problem of mould or mildew that can result from outdated methods that over-wet carpets.

After your carpets are thoroughly cleaned, you may wish to have us provide an additional service to maximise the benefits of your freshly cleaned carpets. Our professional carpet cleaners in Bexley are professionally trained in all of our add-on services including deodorising, sanitising, insecticidal treatments and stain protection, enabling our team to provide you with additional protection services at the time of cleaning. All of our services are competitively priced.

To help keep your newly cleaned carpets fresh, you might want to add a stain protection service, which helps protect carpet fibres against future stains. Additionally, if your carpets had pet stains or other odours, you may want to add a deodoriser or urine neutraliser treatment.

To book an appointment for carpet cleaning in Bexley, call our customer care team at 0800 023 5205 for a free quote. If you have an average-sized cleaning job without any major issues, you may also book online using our online appointment system.

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