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Thursday, January 17th, 2019 | Listed in: Carpet Cleaning

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Wool is a beautiful, natural and durable alternative to synthetic materials and a wool carpet is a wonderful addition to any home. When taken care of correctly a wool carpet can last anywhere from 20 to 60 years, depending on the manufacturing method, while maintaining its original striking appearance. However, if neglected or mishandled the quality of the carpet can quickly go downhill and as it is a natural material the cleaning process can be complicated and requires some specific knowledge. As the owner of a wool carpet it is vital you know the do’s and don’ts of wool care and ensure you treat your carpet correctly.

Check out these DIY carpet cleaning tips for cleaning a wool carpet

Don’t get it too wet

One of the most important things to remember about wool is that it’s fibres naturally attract and retain water and it is therefore incredibly difficult to dry wool once it becomes wet. In fact wool can absorb 30% of its own weight before it even begins to feel damp, making it difficult to know when it is beginning to become over-saturated and easily leading to too much water being used during cleaning. When it comes to wool and water, less is more and it is best to keep your wool carpet as dry as possible when cleaning. Limit the area which you get wet by spot cleaning specific stains with a damp cloth and blotting the spot dry with a fresh cloth immediately after. Ensure you never use hot water as heat can cause wool to shrink or warp.

Limit vacuuming and use alternatives

It is possible to vacuum your wool carpet but limit this as much as possible as vacuuming too vigorously or too often will pull fibres from the carpet and reduce its lifespan. Brushing your wool carpet with a soft bristled brush will remove debris such as pet hair which is often left behind, even after vacuuming and provides a gentler alternative to vacuuming.

Prevent stains and wear

When it comes to maintaining your wool carpet prevention is better than cure so ensure that any liquid spillages are soaked up immediately, salt or bicarbonate of soda can be used on tougher stains such as red wine, and any matter such as dirt is brushed off before it is ground into the carpet. Also, ensure any furniture or heavy objects resting on the carpet are cushioned at pressure points so that it doesn’t get worn down in certain areas.

Be wary of chemical products

As wool can be very sensitive to chemicals it is a good idea to test any detergents you intend to use on a small section of the wool carpet before cleaning the entire thing to see how the material reacts. Avoid using chemical cleaning agents often by substituting them with natural alternatives such as white vinegar diluted with water for general stains such as dirt. For trickier stains or intensive cleaning consult a carpet cleaning specialist such as AAAClean for the best possible results.

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