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Wednesday, October 4th, 2017 | Listed in: Carpet Cleaning

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Many people focus a lot of attention on home safety as we all want to keep ourselves and our loved ones as safe as possible. People often put a lot of energy into making sure that the most obvious things, such as the electrics and gas are safe, and yet they forget about their carpets, upholstery and curtains.

Carpets and upholstery take a lot of abuse and they will eventually look tired and dirty. They will also be unhygienic. Carpets, curtains and upholstery are meant to make a room look bright, warm, clean and welcoming. This will not be the case if they are not looked after properly. If they are not cleaned periodically they will eventually become a health hazard.

Carpets can contain various fungi, microbes and other irritants that may cause health issues. Below is a list of possible health complications that can be brought on by not cleaning your carpets regularly:

1. Respiratory Problems

Dirty carpets provide a perfect habitat for unwanted germs and organisms. Everyday dirt, human skin and pet hair will eventually become a breeding ground for small organisms. Anything that sits deep in a carpet or sofa will be kicked into the atmosphere and inhaled by anyone that is nearby.

The health issues that can arise from this can vary, but people with dirty, poorly maintained carpets and upholstery often find themselves with a runny nose or a cough. People with Asthma have reported that their condition has improved massively after having their carpets and upholstery cleaned. A study by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health found that dirty carpets hold the volatile compounds that are a significant cause of asthma to those who are not yet infected by the disease.

Dirty carpets produce mycotoxins, which harms the air that you are breathing in. Continued contact with this type of air can eventually lead to breathing issues and more serious medical conditions.

2. Skin irritation and infection

Dirty carpets host living and non-living skin irritants that can result in redness, swelling or itchiness. This is made worse by the fact that dirty carpet fibres attract common pests such as mice and cockroaches, which bring their own germs.

Athlete’s foot is a common skin condition that can result from having dirty, unhygienic carpets. It is a fungal infection that can be caught by simply walking on a carpet infested with fungi. The fungi get into cuts, breaks or scratches on the skin.

Dirt and dust from unclean carpets can also cause eczema problems. People who suffer with asthma can also suffer with skin asthma (eczema) – a health complaint that can be made so much worse just by having dirty carpets and upholstery.

3. Allergies

Allergic reactions will be triggered when people with pre-existing allergies are exposed to filthy carpets and upholstery. Dead skin, pet hair, food, dust and more will collect in your carpet and eventually cause you to have allergic reactions. People mostly complain of cold like symptoms and itchy skin.

Cleaning your carpets, rugs and upholstery on a regular basis – every 12-18 months – ensures that you live in a more clean and healthy environment. Using a professional carpet cleaning company is the most effective way of returning your carpets and soft furnishings to their former glory. You will also leave them hygienically clean.

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