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Thursday, December 20th, 2018 | Listed in: How To's

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Many high street and homeware brands sell rugs, and so, finding the right rug for your home may not be a leisurely activity. Sadly, many people don’t know how to choose a good quality rug – the style, colour, size and weave are some of the features of a rug you must consider.

While you might have a basic understanding of what type of rug you want for your home, you may not know what fits the interior of your home best. This “how-to” guide shares some interesting insights on how to find the best rugs for your home. Check out the following tips to ensure you get the best addition to your decor.

Size Matters

Firstly, measure your room and determine what dimensions are perfect for your space. Few rules apply when determining the right size rug for your home:

  • Don’t to go for the floating rug, where a tiny rug lies in the middle of your living room while touching nothing. Apart from adding elegance and pattern to your home, a rug creates an environment where all furniture can be brought together. So, find a bigger size that extends under your furniture.
  • If you are not certain what rug size will fit your room, you can use a newspaper to cover the area to have a rough estimate of the size of the rug your space requires. Keep in mind; the bigger the rug, the better the area will look; the pattern and colour will dominate the room

The Composition of the Rug

Two materials are used to make rugs: synthetic and natural materials. Materials such as silk and wool comprise natural fibres: thus they are durable and high quality, but expensive. Silk and wool are good quality rugs if you are looking for quality and class.

On the other hand, cheaper options include cotton and jute. Synthetic alternatives are less expensive and are available in different styles and colours. Nylon and polyester are the common synthetics; they are soil resistant and have a tough stain. Also, the shade of nylon takes time to fade, thus the best option if you are looking for colourful pattern over time.

Quality Counts

Most homeowners prefer hand-knotted rugs, thanks to their exquisite details and durability. Hand-knotted rugs trace their origin in Persia. It is an ancient design that it is still in use today. Rugs with more knots per square inch are considered better.

Hand-tufted rugs are another great option. Man and machine partly make them. They are a great alternative to hand-knotted options. When purchasing a quality hand-tufted rug pad, however, check to make sure it is marked “RugMark” to confirm no child labor was involved.

Putting it all together

Nothing can bring all the elements of a home together like a good quality rug. A rug can warm a cold room, making it welcoming by adding pattern and colour, as well as defining various functioning spaces.

Whether you are in love with funky, traditional, ultramodern, or contemporary, there is a myriad of options to consider. So, if you are feeling overwhelmed and do not know how to choose a good quality rug, the guidelines discussed above will help you make the best decision.

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